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2012-11-13 03:47:54 by herbertpaulson

The European Council information on diet (EUFIC) is fatal to the Atkins diet. Listing the truths of this weight loss

program, it gives us every reason to avoid it.
1) Water Loss
2) Effect dangerous appetite
3) Health manhandled
4) No long-term effect
The Atkins diet allows for fat control, such as butter and meat, fish, eggs and dairy products . However, it excludes

sugars: the sweet , but also carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and starchy. Vegetables and especially fruits are

allowed only very low quantit├ęs.Des dramatic weight loss, both for their importance by their speed, were recorded.

But as tempting as it may seem, the Atkins diet is not recommended, because in total contradiction with any official

recommendations for a diet healthy.

1) Water Loss

If the weight loss plan is spectacular start, it corresponds to a large extent on water loss and not fat. Indeed, the

fact of restricting carbohydrates (sugars), pushes the body to draw energy (glucose) in its glycogen stores. Or glycogen

is linked to water use is accompanied by a loss in water .

2) Effect dangerous appetite

When glycogen stores are depleted, the body attacks finally fats to produce energy. But again, in the absence of

carbohydrate, fat breakdown is accompanied by the production of ketone bodies . In excess, they cause nausea and

fatigue. Meanwhile, they help inhibit appetite. Thus even if the followers of this diet are allowed to eat as some foods

they consume final few calories 13 Day Fat

3) Health manhandled

High in fat , especially in saturated fats , the Atkins diet may harm the cardiovascular health. Rich in protein, the

kidneys are heavily used to treat and dispose of waste protein. Low in grains, vegetables and fruits, intake of

vitamins, antioxidants and fiber may be insufficient, while these elements play a protective role against certain

diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases?).

4) No long-term effect

Recall that the objective of the plan is to lose weight permanently and that the essential condition of success is

adherence. Certainly, for six months, the Atkins diet can lose weight faster than traditional diet poor limited fat and

calories. But beyond that, this advantage disappears gradually, and many other systems become more efficient over the

long term. Then, adherence to the program is tedious and boring Atkins, mainly due to the lack of choice in food

allowed. And that is why people eat less and often drop.

Boring, hard to follow, no loss of weight and dramatic long-term hazardous to health, diet Atkins is not recommended.


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